There are many benefits of owning an beansprouts husks pillows which include:

Giving babies sense of security

Babies are prone to be frightened by sudden movements and noises caused by the surroundings. Therefore, this pillow is laid on their chests to give the babies a sense of security, as they will feel that they are being cuddled in their mummy’s arm or even in the womb. This pillow also acts as cushioning from loud noises and movements.

Suitable for asthma patients 

Studies had shown that buckwheat husk pillow can cause asthma due to unclean cleaning process of the husk that left over flour/pollen on the husk which causes asthma. Babies need to avoid buckwheat husk pillow as you wouldn't want to take any risk with your baby. Beansprout husk has no such issue.

Get Rid of Night Sweats

The beansprouts husk doesn’t trap heat. It allow for air to pass through with ease, which makes the pillow breathable. No more sweating every night, and turning your pillow over to get to the cool side throughout the night.

Breath-ability of Beansprouts Husk Pillows

Beansprouts husk pillows are resistant to pressure. This resistance allows air gaps to remain in between the husk, which provides breath-ability and coolness to your head and body. As a result, it doesn’t trap heat. Users won’t need to turn the pillows over on the cool side in the middle of the night, because both sides of the beansprouts husk pillows stays cool.

Beansprouts Husks Pillow Save Money

Beansprouts Husks pillows are an economical choice, because they can last ten years and longer. A traditional pillow can only last up to three years. A beansprouts husks pillow may cost more to purchase, but the length of time they last will save money in the long run.

Temperature Control

Le Husk beansprouts husk are 100% natural. The husks do not conduct heat, but maintain a cool, comfortable temperature while you sleep. The husks in the pillows allow air to circulate, which promotes added comfort. The husks come in a three dimensional shape, so the husks can’t stick together. This allows the husks to freely sculpt around your head, scalp, and neck allowing you to stay cool and dry. The husks pillows are excellent for hot, humid nights. Its feels even cooler in an air-conditioned room as well.

How long can it last?

The lifespan of beansprouts husk pillow can last most people around ten years and longer. The lifespan depends on how you use and care for your pillow, but for regular use the husk pillow can last up to ten years and longer. Over time, the beansprouts husk will start to settle. This will mean that the pillow is less compact, but it will still offer the same support. Many of our customers can refill their pillow as needed. The lifespan is much longer than the traditional pillow.

Are the Pillows Washable?

The beansprouts husk pillows cannot be put into the washing machine. Soaking beansprouts husk with water will ruin them, and this is why the pillows cannot be put directly into the washing machine. It is recommended to sun the pillow once a year. The warmth of the sun will refresh your beansprouts Husks. The cotton pillow cover is safe to be washed in the washing machine.


What happens if the beansprouts husks get soaked?

Accidents happen, and if your beansprouts husks get soaked, then you need to replace with new ones. Although you can wash in clean water and sundry it, it is not recommended to do it yourself. The husk is very difficult to dry. You can get refill pack to replace. You can write to us if you are unsure.

Benefit of Bean Sprout Husks 

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