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LE Husk’s stringent control in the production of bean sprout husk  to assure the highest quality and also safe for babies use.

Stage 1

Carefully selected husks are placed in 57 - 60°C temperature controlled washing equipment to wash for 3 days to kill all bacterial.

Stage 2

Washed husks are transferred to centrifugal tumbler drum for first stage drying process.

Stage 3

Dried Husks are then spread out for traditional sun drying process.

Stage 4

Dried husks will undergo a further disinfection and sterilization process by passing through an UVC Light Emitting Machine.

Stage 5

Husks are then sealed and packed for storage before filling into pillows.

100% Natural Bean Sprout Husks 

Beansprouts husk pillows have been used for centuries in many Asian countries. Beansprout husk pillows are traditionally made by grandparents and parents in South East Asia to comfort their newly born infant. It was also introduced with adult size which was known to fit any contour of our neck area.

Beansprout is a largely use vegetable in Asia. It is sprouted from green mung beans. After the sprouting process, the hulls will be separated from the beansprouts. This is when the hulls are handpicked for cleaning and dying process. After the handpick hulls are thoroughly clean and dried completely, it turns into a beautiful coffee black color which we call it husk.

The price of these husk expensive because it is almost impossible to rely on machine for its process.  The process is often being called as “labour of love”.

“Traditional methods from our grandparents” reinvented with “Modern Technologies”.

Immerse in nature


To see communities come to know Jesus Christ and develop a consistent walk with Him. This, in turn, would prompt others to reach out to neighbouring communities and spreading the good news by carry their cross from young.

Our mission

To grow God’s Kingdom through creating a physical form of interaction with God, hence gaining a closer relationship with Christ and live a purpose-filled life.

Our Vision

“If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me”.   - Matthew 16:24

Add a name, a verse or a message for your love ones

to remind them of God's goodness in their life

Cotton Fabric
Cushion Noise & Movement 
Prevent Night 
Light weight and Breathable
Comfort & 
Safe &
Relationship with Christ
100% Natural Beansprout Husks 
Natural Earthy Husks Scent

Bean Spout Husk

Make with Love


Made in Singapore


Best security pillow ever!! My elder son had 8 security pillows before this one (we bought 8 similar ones because we were worried he would lose it and we didn't have a replacement) but he put them all aside the moment he received his own cross pillow. The material is smooth, soft and suitable for his sensitive skin! And the design is beautiful and meaningful too. I have his naming verse sewn on it to remind him of god's goodness in his life. Already on my way to purchase more!

Love the way it also "hugs" my younger son to sleep. It covers him completely and he's all snuggled up with it. Prevents all those little "jumps" babies get when they sleep. Saves me a tons of trouble when he sleeps well through the night.

When the baby sleeps well, the parents sleeps well!

Thank you so much hugyourcross :)


— Evelyn Leow

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