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“Traditional methods from our grandparents” reinvented with “Modern Technologies”.

Beansprouts husk pillows have been used for centuries in many Asian countries. Beansprout husk pillows are traditionally made by grandparents and parents in South East Asia to comfort their newly born infant. It was also introduced with adult size which was known to fit any contour of our neck area.

Beansprout is a largely use vegetable in Asia. It is sprouted from green mung beans. After the sprouting process, the hulls will be separated from the beansprouts. This is when the hulls are handpicked for cleaning and dying process. After the handpick hulls are thoroughly clean and dried completely, it turns into a beautiful coffee black color which we call it husk.

The price of these husk expensive because it is almost impossible to rely on machine for its process.  The process is often being called as “labour of love”.

For bulk order, feel free to contact us for quote .

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