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Little things that I Thank God for...

Learning to thank God everyday of our life have taught me to grow gracefully in our Father's love. So blessed to have so many little things, family and friends to celebrate His creation yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank God and thank u everyone for supporting and loving me all these years. 🙆🏼😘 #mybirthdayisaPHday

Here are the little things that I wish to thank God for:

6th May

After 3 months, I got to carry Nathaniel and he is just so so smiley and adorable.

Little Nathaniel

Thank you KPO girls who specially gathered together after many months of missing in action with family and work. Thank you for always listening and encouraging me all these years. 8 years and growing strong as our friendship deepen. Love ya lots.

KPO Woman

7th May

19 years and counting, we are still gathered together to celebrate one another birthday, I'm so blessed for these girls whom I know will always be there for me no matter what happens and be there whenever I need them. So glad tat almost all are have found their better half and started their family, will continue to pray for each of them to grow happily and healthily everyday of their life.

8th May

Team Collate surprised me with Sprinkled candles plated with all my fav dessert and a table full of my fav Paul Bakery's Croissant, cheeses buffet, avocados, durian puffs, kueh kueh, homemade salad, homemade cashew basil spread ,chips and wine! It was a sweet surprise tat totally caught me of guard and swept me off my feet! An awesome cheat day hahaha so full but feeling so good and flushed now! Thank u all for making this possible! You guys are totally awesome!

9th May

A night not to be forgotten, comes home to a house filled with fragrant coming from inside, it was then it sink into me tat my husband was home earlier to prepare dinner for me!!! Wah this is a dream come true! 🤤Man who cooks is just so charming & sexy to me! 💏 after 7 years, I finally got to taste of his cook!!! Truthfully, it was really delicious and will give him 5stars for today's dinner! #thankgodforjoelli #loveisintheair #joellicancooksocanyou #manfromheaven

"Ting Dong" came the door with a little Kaleb holding sunflower bigger than his face, looking blur n not sure what to do when all the adults hid! Hahaha unlimited surprise kept coming before the clock strikes 12! Thank you so much for making all the way down to celebrate this day with me and esp to have Kaleb sending flowers and another awesome durian puffs from emicake! What more can I ask God for? 🤗😘😙🤓😍🙆🏼 #amfeelingsoblessed #familytaycumli #godlovesusmorethanyouknowit

Little Kaylee holding and hugging her cross pillow in her Pajamas made me happy and smiling as I know that all these while my hardwork in making the crosses are all worth it as I know they are truly blessed walking close with their father in heaven.

10th May - the Actual Day

Our first attempt on drawing on canvas, It was a surprised planned and I was so not prepared of what I wanna to draw. With little plan and not much time, I completed my painting with my fav things in life... God's words, Glory my little dog and us chilling by the beach over looking the horizon.

Of course, he came planned and happy drawing his favourite Dragonball Gukong, I was very impressed with his drawing. =) Job well done, Mr Li.

My Durian Crepe Birthday Cake from Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery

At the end of the day, with all these days filled with surprises, I know I am truly blessed by my father in heaven. I may lacked of love from my own family, but God will fill it up with more awesome people in my life and who love me for who I truly am.

God knows my greatest desire of having a baby, thought we are still praying for it after many years but deep down we are not worry as we know our good Lord will bless when the time is right. Even if we can't bare a child of our own, He will let us see the opportunity to have or to love other children out there who needed loves too.

From all these desire came the birth of this cross pillows too, really want to bless other children in this world who desire to be love.

I will continue to pray for light that this version of God will be expanding into the greater opportunity to reach other to everyone in this world that needed love. For those who needs love, look no further by to Him our father in heaven, He will supply you all your needs in life and loving you with all His heart.

Seek Him always.

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