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We are so blessed...

Can't express how happy I was over the weekend that flew passed.

We got so much positive feedback and encouragements from our beloved customers who we have met at Christmas Market in Church of Good Shepherd (2 Dundee Road).

They love the idea of how we come about creating this cross pillow and the benefits of having one, not only was it a great gift for this Christmas but it reminded them the great love from GOD. The kind of endless LOVE to be share and cherish with our love ones.

Really thank GOD for this vision to create such wonderful cross pillow and the affirmation through out this 3 months of preparation.

Will like to give thanks to my church (RBC) for all the prayer support,

Hanzhi from The Joy Troopers,

Benson from Uyii,

Adam from The Novel Encounter,

Ann from Ginz collection,

Pinky from Sing Mui Heng Pte Ltd,

Eugene from Le Husk,

for all the advice, recommendations and suggestions in getting setting up online store to making my vision into a reality.

Jolene Lee for all the beautiful photos taken and edit.

Lastly to my beloved Husband, Joel Li who supported on this vision, giving me feedback, and most importantly nursing me during this period of struggles that I faced throughout this period.

Thank you so much for the blessing and prayers my love, looking forward to many who will be touch by HIS greatest LOVE and hugging your cross pillow.

Love Jo.

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